Solar System

(The Altar)
Supposedly representing the altar that belonged to the centaur Chiron from Greek mythology, Ara is a small constellation that is in a rich part of the Milky Way. It is home to one of the closest globular clusters and many open clusters.
NGC 6397:
This relatively close globular cluster lies at a distance of 7000 light years. It contains millions of stars and has a very dense core that can only be resolved properly with a telescope. It might be possible to see this with nothing but a pair of eyes.
  NGC 6188 and NGC 6193:
  NGC 6188 is a bright dazzling star cluster populated with luminous blue giants. The cluster is embedded in pink nebulosity and the winds from the giant stars are eroding the nebulosity. The nebula can't be seen with binoculars and requires a telescope to view it. The emission nebula is lit by a few of the largest stars in the cluster and the nebula also has reflection parts.
Emission nebula NGC 6188 and star cluster NGC 6193    
    NGC 6188 and NGC 6193 are a timbre of colour that can soothe the mind and wash away feelings of hopelessness and despair. The cluster's blue stars can be seen towards the middle and the reflection part is on the far right side.    
Image copyright R. Gendler/M. Pugh