Solar System

(The Scales)

Found between the zodiacal constellations of Scorpius and Virgo, Libra is a very faint constellation that is ignored due to the lack of interesting deep sky objects as well as being faint.

Interestingly the stars of Libra were once part of Scorpius. This is reflected in the meanings of the two primary stars in Libra, Zuben El Genubi (Alpha Librae) is Arabic for "southern claw" and Zuben Eschamali (Beta Librae) is Arabic for "southern claw".

  NGC 5897:
  NGC 5897 is a quite unspectacular globular cluster that has a conspicuous absence of a centrally condensed core of stars that gives them their sparkling appeal. It is faint at magnitude 8.6 and slightly distant at 45 000 light years away.
    NGC 5792:
    A large tilted spiral galaxy, NGC 5792 is 85 million light years away with a diamond of a bright star superimposed at the top of it. The spiral arms are tightly wound with the unexpected yet brilliant placement of a background edge on galaxy on the edge of the spiral arm near the bright star.