Solar System

(The Wolf)
  Lupus is a bright constellation to the left of Centaurus. It has the brilliant stream of the Milky Way running through most of it so it contains a few open clusters and dark nebulae. The mythology surrounding Lupus is quite indistinct, surprising as it is an ancient constellation. The Greeks and Romans thought of it as representing a type of wild animal, it isn't known if this animal was mythological or real.
  NGC 5822:
  A large bright open cluster, NGC 5986 is 6000 light years away and contains about a hundred stars. It is near the star Zeta Lupi.
NGC 5986:
    A vastly underrated southern globular cluster, NGC 5986 is a brilliant ball of golden stars that is 45 000 light years away. It is very bright at 7th magnitude but to see the central condensation would require a large telescope.
NGC 5927:
Less impressive than NGC 5986, this globular cluster is a lot closer at 24 000 light years yet appears to look slightly smaller. The brightness is magnitude 8.