Solar System
Wow! You just found the secret page! This contains bonus stuff and unused material.  
Alternate Banner

Originally I made a larger banner that had some mountains with what is the current banner as being the sky. The problem was that it was too big and would have filled a large portion of the browser at lower resolutions. Click the thumbnail for a larger version, which is 332KB. The mountains in the banner are not real, they are graphics created by Ryan LeFevre using a program called Terragen.


Fire Surfer

This is an animation of the Starsurfer setting the title on fire. Click on the thumbnail for the 340KB animation.



This is an artwork that is dedicated to the incredibly amazing chanteuse that is Róisín Murphy (pronounced Ro-sheen). She is one cool amazing person who defies conventionality with an electrifying passion!

The small version is 850KB and the vastly better quality large version is 1.5MB.
To listen to the title track from her second album, Overpowered, click here.
If you like it and want to purchase the album, click here.